Ruth Beckermann, Kurt Kren, Kulturministerin Havlicek, Milan Dor Viennale 1980er


09 Oct 2020


Inspired by the idea of getting together again and celebrating cinema this fall, we’ve launched an initiative dedicated to the local film industry

In order to provide an opportunity for exchange, discussion and exploring future projects, we’re planning events that will focus on cinema made in Austria; in particular, a series of meetings that will also give filmmakers the opportunity to network internationally. These include productions that were supposed to be screened at the (cancelled) DIAGONALE. We have therefore invited the two festival directors, Sebastian Höglinger and Peter Schernhuber, to present a selection of DIAGONALE films as part of the Viennale program

Even if the relationship between Austrian Cinema and the Viennale hasn’t always been the easiest, we can proudly state that the protagonists of the local film scene have been very important in our history. Thus, we collected some images of them from our archives, and also found some of those we are happy to see again in this special year.