Anja Salomonowitz

Anja Salomonowitz © Heribert Corn

Director of

Anja Salomonowitz developed a film language for her films in which documentary film, feature film and thesis are mixed. In the process, real human experiences are condensed through artistic alienation. Her films have received international acclaim, numerous film awards and have found their way into documentary literature. Anja Salomonowitz studied film in Vienna and Berlin. She holds masterclasses for artistic documentary film at universities (including the Aalto University in Helsinki, Department of Film and Television) or film festivals (including Tutor at the Documentary Academy at the Jihlava International Film Festival).
Films: DIESER FILM IST EIN GESCHENK (Dokumentarfilm 2019) DER JUNGE WIRD BESCHNITTEN (Theaterstück 2016) DIE 727 TAGE OHNE KARAMO (Dokumentarfilm 2013) SPANIEN (Spielfilm 2012) KURZ DAVOR IST ES PASSIERT (Dokumentarfilm 2007) DAS WIRST DU NIE VERSTEHEN (Dokumentarfilm 2003) CARMEN (Dokumentarfilm 2000)