Pedro Costa


Costa Pedro

Director of

Born in 1959 in Lisbon. Studied at the Film School of Lisbon. Directs his first feature film O SANGUE in 1990 and meanwhile is one of the most radical and idiosyncratic filmmakers of his generation. Costa's next project, CASA DE LAVA (1994), is part of his early engagement with the outcast and marginalized society in the Lisbon slums Fontainhas, which in OSSOS (1997) and NO QUARTO DA VANDA (2000) is continued. In 2005 the Viennale dedicated a Special Program to Pedro Costa. For CAVALO DINHEIRO he was awarded the prize for the best director at the Locarno Festival.

Films (selection): OÙ GÎT VOTRE SOURIRE ENFOUI? (2001), JUVENTUDE EM MARCHA (2006), NE CHANGE RIEN (2009), NE CHANGE RIEN (2009), CAVALO DINHEIRO (2014, Viennale ´14), VITALINA VARELA (2019)