Siegfried A. Fruhauf

Siegfried A. FruhaufDirector of

Born in Grieskirchen, Upper Austria, in 1976. Studied experimental visual design at the University of Arts Linz. Numerous activities and exhibitions in the field of film, video and photography. His works are shown at various international film festivals. The Viennale dedicated a special program to him in 2010. 
Films (selection): HÖHENRAUSCH (1999), PHANTOM RIDE (2004), MIRROR MECHANICS (2005), GROUND CONTROL (2008), PALMES D’OR (2009), TRANQUILITY (2010), SCHWERE AUGEN (2011), EXTERIOR EXTENDED (2013), FUDDY DUDDY (2016) and PHANTOM RIDE PHANTOM (2017), WATER AND CLEARING (2018, Viennale ´18).

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