Stan Brakhage
USA 1956
3 min

« ... I'm sitting for hours to get thirty seconds of film. I'm sitting watching what's happening and clicking a frame, and sitting and watching, and further than that, I had shot several hundred feet and they seemed dead. They didn't reflect at all my excitement and emotion and feeling. They had no anima in them, except for two or three shots where the lens which was on a tripod, pressed against the desk, had jerked. Those were just random, but what gave me the clue. What I began doing was always holding the camera in hand. For hours. Clicking. Waiting. Seeing what the sun did to the scene. As I saw what was happening in the frame to these little particles of light, changing,
I would shoot the camera very slightly.»

This film is part of the program <filmlink id=\"3030\">Sunshine Noir</filmlink>.

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