Hermes Paralluelo
Argentinien 2011
98 min

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Bebo (14), Pata (15), and Ricardito (10) are cousins, friends and “cartmates”. They live in Villa Urquiza, a marginal urban area in Cordoba City. There, most of the inhabitants work driving their carts and are “cartoneros” (they collect used cardboard and paper from the dump in order to sell it, recycle it or use it). Yatasto takes us into these boys’ world, to observe it and immerse ourselves fully in their universe.
Ricardito suffers his father’s abandonment; he lives with his sister and his grandmother Chinina. However, a fishing trip to Santiago del Estero suddenly arises. This will be the first time he shares an experience with his father. Pata is given a horse, called Oreja, as a present. His family hopes that it would keep him away from drugs and delinquency. Bebo is the most experienced in driving the cart as he has been his family’s provider since he was a little boy. Bebo has a troubled relationship with his father, Chupa, who the child blames for the theft of his horse. The family, the trips of these cousins on the cart pulled by horses, their conversations, the transmission of their grandma Chinina’s knowledge, and their view of the world are the main elements of this movie.

  • Ezequiel Salinas
  • Hermes Paralluelo
  • Federico Disandro
  • Hermes Paralluelo
  • Ezequiel Salinas
Cine El Calefón

Cine El Calefón

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