Lynn Hershman-Leeson
USA 2010
83 min

It took 42 years for filmmaker Lynn Hershman-Leeson to make <i>!Women Art Revolution</i>. There’s a good reason for that: She was a leading participant in the Feminist Art Movement and her informative documentary begins in the 70’s.
<i>!Women Art Revolution</i> is a vigorous mix of interviews, art, film footage and video and smartly mixes the dynamics of the emerging feminist movement of the late 60’s with the prevailing male chauvinism of the arts world at the time. Leading museums rarely included female artists; indeed, women’s presence in such galleries was usually limited to their appearance as nude subjects of male paintings and sculpture. In this comprehensive and vibrant historical fabric, we view the evolution of the movement, from its earnest/angry genesis in the 70’s to its embrace of humor as a weapon against the male-dominated arts establishment during the 80’s. Near its finish, contemporary female artists and curators lend perspective and appreciation for the movement, realizing they are the enriched descendants of such courageous artistic talents as Barbara Kreuger, Cindy Sherman and Shirin Neshat. (Duane Byrge)

Hotwire Productions

Autlook Filmsales

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