Wo Guxiang De Sizhong Siwang Fangshi

Four Ways to Die in My Hometown
Chai Chunya
China 2012
92 min

Every year, 15 million Chinese people leave the countryside for the city, leaving the old, sick and weak behind. FOUR WAYS TO DIE IN MY HOMETOWN is a poetic, experimental meditation on this phenomenon that asks: What is left when the fabric of society is torn apart? It chronicles the journey of a student returning to her hometown to see her dying father. “In the urbanisation of eastern and southern China, many rural icons are vanishing. They now only exist in the underdeveloped western regions that haven’t experienced a cultural invasion. There, local folk culture is spared. From this position, I want to seek the spiritual hometown and discuss the significance of ‘homeland’ to the Chinese. Unlike those in Western nations, modern China’s urban citizens can’t yet call the city home. But the country road they yearn for looms darkly as a shadow, and people are wandering on as ghosts.” (Chai Chunya)

  • Chai Chunya
  • Huang Xiao Yu
  • Wang Han Yang
  • Zhang Anna
  • Mamer
  • IZ Band
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Heaven Pictures

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