Special: 5 Women

When We Lived in Miami

Amy Seimetz
USA 2012
12 min

WHEN WE LIVED IN MIAMI is a hypnotic short about the lengths one woman will go to keep her family from falling apart. Filmed in Miami during Hurricane Isaac, the story centers on the emotional
journey of a young mother as she struggles to deal with her crumbling marriage. Desperately trying to maintain the status quo, Caroline works hard to keep up appearances for the sake of her sweetly oblivious daughter but the pressures of the oncoming storm and her own frustrations are steadily building.

In the presence of Amy Seimetz.

  • Amy Seimetz - Kris
  • A.J. Bowen - Highway Angel
  • Fiona D’Avis
  • Amy Seimetz
  • Jay Keitel
  • Amy Seimetz
  • Ben Lovett
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Borscht Corporation

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