Jem Cohen
USA 2007
1 min

Moving ever more quickly, the camera flies over an electronic sign «Threat of war continues to worry ...» to find itself at a peace demonstration in New York. « Shut down war machine » and «Bush: leave U.S.» can be read on the placards of the countless demonstrators, who march past the Flatiron Building in their protest against the war in Iraq. War Machine, like Untitled New York, was also a proposal for this year's VIENNALE Trailer. A snapshot about the availability of pictures that contradict the image, that has meanwhile become a cliché, of a conservative United States that is a victim of its own President.

This film will be screened together with Introduction to the Enemy

  • Andy Moor
  • Jem Cohen
Jem Cohen

Jem Cohen

Video (Betacam SP)
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