A Walk on the Moon


A Walk on the Moon

Tony Goldwyn
USA/Kanada, 1998
107min, OF

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A Walk on the Moon

Tony Goldwyn
USA/Kanada, 1998
, 107min, OF

Diane Lane
Pearl Kantrowitz
Viggo Mortensen
Walker Jerome
Liev Schreiber
Marty Kantrowitz
Anna Paquin
Alison Kantrowitz
Tovah Feldshuh
Lillian Kantrowitz
Star Jasper
Rhoda Leiberman
Pamela Gray
Claude La Haye
Anthony B. Richmond
Dana Congdon
Mason Daring
Dan Leigh
Jess Goldstein

Punch 21 Productions
Village Roadshow Pictures
Groucho Film Partnership
35 mm

a WALK ON THE MOON is as seductive as the handsome, itinerant hippie who turns its heroine's life upside down. In this nostalgic, beautifully acted tale of romance and responsibility, that heroine is a housewife who could not be at a more dangerous time and place for maintaining the status quo. as she has every summer, Pearl Kantrowitz totes her ironing board, dish drainer, children and mother-in-law to a Jewish holiday camp in the Catskills to vacation all summer while her husband Marty stays in New York City repairing television sets. It’s a peaceful but dull existence, and that's the way it is supposed to stay. Knowingly directed by the actor Tony Goldwyn, a WaLk ON tHe mOON is about something different in the air. The year is 1969, the event of the title is about to happen and the camp is near the site where Woodstock will soon explode. Originally called “The Blouse man” in honor of its traffic-stopping title character, A WALK ON THE MOON has its elements of attractive fantasy. The blouse man is one of the peddlers who visit the camp to sell their wares, and as played with silky eroticism by Viggo Mortensen, the gentlemanly Walker Jerome arrives to charm the camp’s old ladies and to weaken Pearl’s knees. (Janet Manslin, “New York Times”, 1999)