Villa Touma

Suha Arraf
85 min

Three Palestinian Christian sisters who’ve lost their land and status due to the 1967 war with Israel aren’t able to face the painful new reality that’s been imposed on them, so they lock themselves away in their big house and continue to live in a time warp. Within the villa’s crumbling walls, the sisters live in their own personal bubbles, each with her own secrets, dreams and failed love story, hidden behind a mask of manners and propriety. When their young niece, Badia, walks into their lives, she challenges their stifling routine and turns their world upside down, obliterating the deadly silence they lived in.
“Through this film I wish to bring the human side of the Palestinian cause to the forefront, and highlight the Palestinian issue as a human issue. It’s not just a question of death, land and martyrs, but also of human beings and their strengths and weaknesses, compassion and stubbornness.” (Suha Arraf )

  • Maria Zreik - Badia
  • Cherien Dabis - Antoinette
  • Nisreen Faour - Juliette
  • Ula Tabari - Violette
  • Suha Arraf
  • Yaron Scharf
  • Gil Toren
  • Arik Lahav
  • Boaz Schory
  • Hamada Atallah


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