In Focus: John Torres

Very Specific Things at Night

John Torres
Philippinen 2009
3 min

Eight short films, selected by John Torres himself: TAWIDGUTOM is an experimental love poem composed of images that recur and repeat themselves. SALAT is composed of several vignettes that are like snapshots of urban life, juxtaposed once again with images of love, friendship and everyday life. In HAI, THEY RECYCLE HEARTBREAKS … a young lady recovers someone from a recycle bin. VERY SPECIFIC THINGS AT NIGHT is a mobile phone film shot in Mahiyain Street (Shy Street), Sikatuna, a stone’s throw away from the house of Chavit Singson, who also led the masses to bring then President Estrada out of the presidential palace. SILENT FILM is a black and white sequence of contemporary urban life, jittery images, recorded by a 1940’s motion picture camera, and a sleepy narration of words, written by Filipino poet and singer Lour De Veyra. MAPANG-AKIT is an offshoot of a documentary project and uses the outtakes from the Hudas Hudas festival in Antique, where a community bonds over a large effigy of Judas Iscariot during holy Week. Amidst it is a found story of a man who returns home.

Peliculas Los Otros
Peliculas Los Otros
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