Leo Tichat
AUT 1967
76 min

An unfortunately nearly forgotten Austrian film from the year 1967, Die Verwundbaren («The Vulnerables») takes the behavior patterns in a crowd of 20 to 35-year-olds in Vienna as its theme, broaching the issue of love between men at a time when homosexual acts where a punishable offence (until 1971) in Austria. Tichat can be described as one of the few Austrian directors whose work carries distinctive features of dealing with cinematic modernity, in particular with the nouvelle vague. Die Verwundbaren was to remain Tichat's only feature film.

  • Kim Dimon
  • Christiane Prober
  • Frank Debray
  • Johanna Fürst
  • Herbert Fux
  • Leo Tichat
  • Leo Tichat
  • Alex Puluj
  • Herbert Gießner
  • Gerhard Heinz
  • Helga Zeiner
  • Erich Kleinschuster

Filmarchiv Austria Obere Augartenstraße 11020 Wien T 1 216 13 00

Filmarchiv Austria Obere Augartenstraße 1 1020 Wien T 1 216 13 00
35 mm
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