Varda par Agnès

Varda By Agnès
Agnès Varda
F 2018
119 min

During the 1990s, in her 60s, Agnès Varda memorialised her late husband Jacques Demy across a series of films. In 2008, turning 80 and facing an intimation of mortality, she memorialized herself in THE BEACHES OF AGNÈS. Ten years later, just before turning 90 and dying in March 2019, she provided another kind of selfretrospective in VARDA PAR AGNÈS. It begins in a theatre, as a masterclass before a rapt audience; but soon, with her typical dexterity of montage (cinécriture as she called it), it becomes a weave of many talks, extracts, snippets from self-produced DVD extras, and invited testimonies from select collaborators. This is Varda as she chose to present herself to us, in the image she carefully sculpted – energetic, affable, playful, boundlessly creative – with only a few tell-tale hints of her underlying toughness and tenacity as both artist and businesswoman. Throwing strict biographical chronology aside, Varda takes us on a tour through her films (major and minor, short and long), lets us glimpse her photographs, and then transits to the 21st century world of digital cameras and museum installations. What to do with her old film prints? Recycle them as cabinsculptures! (Adrian Martin)



  • Agnès Varda
  • Claire Duguet
  • François Décréau
  • Julia Fabry
  • David Chaulier
  • Alan Savary
  • Agnès Varda
  • Nicolas Longinotti
Ciné-tamaris, Arte France, HBB26, Scarlett Productions

mk2 Films

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