Under the Silver Lake

David Robert Mitchell
USA 2018
139 min

David Robert Mitchell’s third feature film is a tribute to film noir and Hollywood classics. The most direct references are to Alfred Hitchcock, especially VERTIGO and THE REAR WINDOW, but we are reminded of a number of films through the locations, the posters hanging on the walls, the TV shows. UNDER THE SILVER LAKE is most certainly a film about Los Angeles and about how the city is seen through the history of cinema. Mitchell depicts a dark and warped version of the world around him, contrasting the love of art and the desire to be part of an industry, its fame, wealth and comfort. The director sarcastically sharpens the conflict that affects those who try to conquer it. Sam rents an apartment in a residential complex in Silver Lake, former home to various film studios where he idles away his days, observing his neighbors. This is how he meets the sensual Sarah who suddenly disappears without a trace. Mitchell crafts a mystery unravelling throughout Los Angeles through the eyes of an actor/voyeur aimlessly wandering around the city in search of answers. His world appears transformed under a curtain of codes and secrets whose key could be hidden inside a box of cereals. (Eva Sangiorgi)

  • Topher Grace - Man at the bar
  • Sydney Sweeney - Shooting Star
  • Riley Keough - Sarah
  • Andrew Garfield - Sam
  • David Robert Mitchell
  • Mike Gioulakis
  • Julio Perez IV
  • Disasterpeace
  • Michael Perry
  • Caroline Eselin-Schaefer
Michael De Luca Productions, Good Fear Film, Pastel, Boo Pictures, UNLTD Productions, Salem Street Entertainment, P2 Films, Cool Productions

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