Un conte de Michel de Montaigne

Jean-Marie Straub
FRA, CH 2012
35 min

The mind, i.e. the soul, has played a big, beautiful and lively role in Straub’s work – and, in a strange way, even more so over recent years. The man has lived to see, and lost, much – too much – and now he can tell us a little about it: in the words of others, such as Pavese and Montaigne, but in his own language. Have a look how the leaves of a tree and the sun and a woman’s voice bring the ore of a dead statue to life, and how a dark screen glows.

In the presence of Barbara Ulrich (actress).

  • Barbara Ulrich
  • Jean-Marie Straub
  • Christophe Clavert
  • Jérôme Ayasse
  • Christophe Clavert
Andolfi, Belva Film

Belva Film

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