Ben Russell
USA 2009
12 min

In Suriname, South America, a man enters a residence and emerges wearing a flamboyant mask with a group of others, each wearing unique masks. A single Steadicam shot follows these unearthly and wizened figures as they slowly hobble through the village, until the procession enters into the center of the village where a celebration is taking place. Suddenly the doddering caravan breaks out into a jungle boogie like persons possessed. We know that this trance dance is all staged for the camera but yet it is also clearly happening. We know we have seen a documentary of some kind ... but a document of what? All that becomes clear is that within documentary, reality becomes image and reality becomes choreography. (Chris Stults)

This film is part of the short film program Trypps #1 – #6.

  • Ben Russell
Ben Russell

Ben Russell, 1716 S Morgan #2F, Chicago IL 60608, USA, T +1 401 952 7062,

16 mm
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