Less And Less
Luc Moullet
FRA 2010
14 min

In 1993, I made ]]>Toujours plus]]>. Clearly, there was a need for a follow-up, ]]>Toujours moins]]>, my 40th film. It is about 14 minutes in the development and growth, from 1968 to 2010, of the computer-based systems, robots, terminals etc that are now ubiquitous in every area of life. The current system’s goal seems to be to employ only one person per sector of activity. We’re not there yet but getting near. A schizophrenic world, since at the same time busi nesses are paying, albeit indirectly, for these job losses. Millions of human beings can’t be simply shoved out onto the streets. An observation that is both acerbic and funny. (Luc Moullet)

This film is part of the Kurzfilmprogramm 3.

  • Luc Moullet
  • Pierre Stoeber
  • Olivier Schwob
  • Anthony Verpoort
Le Fresnoy, Les Films d’Ici

Le Fresnoy

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