Marie Voignier
FRA 2017
82 min

Deep in South-East Cameroon, the great primary tropical forest shelters a territory for which colonial powers fought, exploiting through forced labor the resources of nature. At the heart of this region, the people are now mobilized around an economy of survival – the consequence of this history. In this tropical jungle, promises of prosperity fuse with the scars of history inscribed in the landscape “The tropical forest in cameroon extends over the whole south-eastern region. German colonisers set foot there in the end of the 19th century, in search of rubber and other raw materials. The French drove them out and took their place after the First World War. A systematic destruction of the local economy of self-subsistence followed. When Cameroon became independent in 1960, the south-eastern region was in a state of depopulation, exhaustion, and misery never reached before. TINSELWOOD is a film about this forest and the people inhabiting it today”. (Marie Voignier)

In the presence of Marie Voignier.

  • Marie Voignier
  • Thomas Favel
  • Marianne Roussy
  • Marie Voignier
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