Tigmi n Igren

House in the Fields
Tala Hadid
Marokko, Katar 2017
86 min

HOUSE IN THE FIELDS is a sensitive portrait of a Berber community in the remote High Atlas Mountains, especially of two sisters, who will be separated after this summer. An air of melancholy hangs over this last time they’ll spend together. “The village where the film takes place is in a very remote area of the Atlas Mountains in Morocco. The rites and traditions of the farming communities of this particular valley have remained more or less untouched for thousands of years. I wanted to chronicle the life of this community – including its labor practices, rituals, traditions, and relationship to the land – before it changed. My greatest challenge was this film to be worthy of the great and poetic people of the Atlas Mountains who welcomed me – and a camera – with such profound generosity, into their community.” (Tala Hadid interviewed by Laura Berger)

In the presence of Tala Hadid.

  • Tala Hadid
  • Tala Hadid
  • Thomas Robert
  • Tala Hadid
  • Jean-Guy Veran
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