Three Billboards outside Ebbing, Missouri

Martin McDonagh
USA, GBR 2017
116 min

Mildred Hayes has lost her teenage daughter who was raped and killed. Because the local sheriff does not put enough effort into the search for the killer, Mildred is getting active by herself. “Soon it seems clear where the movie is headed: to a battle between the police and Mildred, the aggrieved citizen who has taken the law into her own hands. Yet the black-and-white moral lines quickly bleed into shades of gray. It’s Frances McDormand’s passion that welds this picture together. She makes Mildred a heroic fighter, but the actress has never played someone so eaten up by fury, to the point that it renders the character at once sympathetic and forbidding. Yet it’s Mildred’s glowering refusal to back down that defines her, and McDormand brilliantly spotlights the conflicted humanity beneath the stony façade. On some level Mildred is just a small-town single mom who works in a gift shop, but she wears her jumpsuit and gray-polka-dotted bandana like a soldier’s uniform.” (Owen Gleiberman)

  • Frances McDormand - Mildred Hayes
  • Woody Harrelson - Sheriff Bill Willoughby
  • Sam Rockwell - Officer Jason Dixon
  • Clarke Peters - Abercrombie
  • Martin McDonagh
  • Ben Davis
  • Jon Gregory
  • Carter Burwell
  • Inbal Weinberg
  • Melissa Toth
Fox Searchlight Pictures, Film4 Productions, Blueprint Pictures, Cutting Edge Group production

Fox Searchlight Pictures

20th Century Fox
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