Experiment In Evil
Jean Renoir
FRA 1959
95 min

Friends began to suspect that something was wrong with Dr. Cordelier when he changed his will, leaving his entire estate to a Monsieur Opale, a stranger to all who knew the doctor. It soon emerged that Opale was a man believed responsible for a series of random, brutal attacks throughout Paris. Cordelier told his closest friend, the attorney Joly, that Opale was assisting him in important experiments as a test subject. These experiments were to revolutionize Cordelier’s field and make a fool of his great rival, Dr. Severin. The more people learned about Opale, however, the more intolerable his relationship with Cordelier became. He probably killed Severin, and appeared to have kidnapped Cordelier himself before the more awful truth emerged. Le Testament du Docteur Cordelier is, although uncredited, a modernization in a Parisian setting of The Strange Case of Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde by Robert Louis Stevenson.

  • Jean-Louis Barrault - Dr. Cordelier/Opale
  • Teddy Bilis - Joly, der Anwalt
  • Sylviane Margollé - Mädchen
  • Michel Vitold - Dr. Lucien Severin
  • Jean Topart - Desiré, der Diener
  • Micheline Gary - Marguerite
  • Jacques Dannoville - Kommissar Lardout
  • André Certes - Inspektor Salbris
  • Jean Renoir nach «The Strange Case of Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde» von Robert Louis Stevenson
  • Georges Leclerc
  • Renée Lichtig
  • Joseph Kosma
  • Marcel-Louis Dieulot
  • Monique Dunand
RTF, Sofirad Compagnie Jean Renoir

Tamasa Distribution

35 mm
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