Land Inhabited, The
Anna Sanmartí Baró
ESP 2009
71 min

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A train leaves from Saint Petersburg heading for Ulan Bator. We see neither the cities of departure or destination, nor the people who inhabit them or the travellers that share our trajectory. From the window, a changing landscape, that emerges in front of our eyes with its abstraction, in form of rhythms, sounds, colours. We enter into a foreign world little by little, unknown, capturing its transformation and letting us carry on by it. From Ulan Bator, a bus leaves for the village of Kathgal in the Northwest of Mongolia. Now we travel surrounded by local people. The faces of Mongolia appear.
La terra habitada takes us on a journey through the wilds of Russia and Mongolia, into the land of the reindeer-riding mountain tribe known as the Tsataa. With minimal dialogue, an impish sense of humour and a superb eye for composition, Sanmarti takes what could have been just another ethnographic travelogue and comes up with something entirely rich and strange, studded with subtle epiphanies from start to finish. (Neil Young)

In the presence of Anna Sanmartí Baró.

  • Anna Sanmartí Baró
  • Pau Mirabet
  • Vep Culleré
  • Vep Culleré
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