Terra de ninguém

No Man’s Land
Salomé Lamas
Portugal 2012
72 min

A mercenary sits in a chair on a sober setting in an abandoned palace in Lisbon, as if beginning to pose for a cinematic portrait. The perpetrator is given the space to face the spectator and perform his own history, constructing a fiction which slowly reveals doubts and contradictions, as the camera watches, relentlessly. Paulo Figueiredo narrates his involvement as a hired killer for special military forces during the Portuguese colonial war, the part he played in the GAL, a death squad illegally established by the Spanish government to annihilate high officials of ETA, and his work as a mercenary for the CIA in El Salvador. TERRA DE NINGUÉM is decidedly not interested in the veracity of the historical record, but in the present moment of witnessing, the contemporary space inhabited by the performance of a memory. It rejects to dwell in a static moral duality, and chooses rather play a game where accuser and accused frequently change positions. (Joana Pimenta)

In the presence of Salomé Lamas.

  • Salomé Lamas
  • Takashi Sugimoto
  • Bruno Moreira
  • Telmo Churro
O Som e a Fúria

O Som e a Fúria

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