Nelson Lyon
USA 1971
88 min

]]>The Telephone Book]]> is a dark comedy about a girl who falls in love with the world’s greatest obscene phone caller. In her quest to find the irresistible and mysterious man, she encounters an array of strange characters and humorous sexual situations. The subject matter of the film was uniquely ahead of its time since it dealt with “telephone sex”, which has become a staple of modern sexual expression. The film enjoyed the eroticism of the porno genre yet embodied a sense of style and purpose way beyond the standard porn offerings of the time. As with most hybrid films, it failed to find an audience and eventually disappeared into a tragically undeserved obscurity. Now, after almost 40 years, this forgotten, underrated film is finally being recognized by a new generation of serious moviegoers and international film festivals. (Merv Bloch)

]]>The Telephone Book]]> will be screened before Phone Booth on the Special Evening Don’t call us, we’ll call you. Ein Double Feature.

  • Roger C. Carmel
  • Sarah Kennedy - Alice
  • Norman Rose - Pigmask
  • Jill Clayburgh - Eyemask
  • Ultra Violet - Whip Woman
  • James Harder
  • Geri Miller
  • Barry Morse
  • Nelson Lyon
  • Leon Perer
  • Len Saltzberg
  • Nate Sassover
  • Jim Taylor
  • Ondine
Rosebud Films (Merv Bloch)
Merv Bloch
Hello Film
35 mm
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