Max Neufeld
AUT 1927
64 min

A railway signalman’s wife is feeling constricted by her parochial life and yearns for the sophistication and excitement of the city, that she only knows from magazines. The suave, attractive new controller fills her head with dreams in order to seduce her. Accused of adultery, she is spurned by her narrow-minded husband. In a dramatic finale, she loses her way while following the rails through wind and rain toward an almost certain death.

Music: Fabian Pollack, guitar and devices, Alexandr Vatagin, cello und electronic sounds.

  • Hans Thimig
  • Cornelius Kirschner
  • Hans Marr
  • Anton Edthofer
  • Mizzi Griebl
  • Eugen Neufeld
  • Carmen Cartellieri
  • Eugen Günther
  • Max Brod
  • Hans Unterkirchner
  • Maly Delschaft
  • Jacques Bachrach
  • Rosa Wachtel
  • Hans Theyer
Hugo-Engel-Film, Wien
35 mm
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