Still Life
Sebastian Meise
AUT 2011
78 min

]]>HOME RUN - New cinema from Austria]]>

A father pays prostitutes to play the role of his own daughter. The shocking revelation concerning his long-secret obsession tears up the family’s delicate fabric. The son blames himself, and he resolves to find out whether his father ever acted on his fantasies, while his sister wants to sort out her memories on her own. Despite her uncertainties, their mother’s reaction leaves no question as to what she thinks. The father ultimately has to find a way of coping with his shame and feelings of guilt.

  • Fritz Hörtenhuber - Vater
  • Christoph Luser - Bernhard
  • Daniela Golpashin - Lydia
  • Roswitha Soukup - Mutter
  • Anja Plaschg - Carmen
  • Thomas Reider
  • Sebastian Meise
  • Gerald Kerkletz
  • Klaus Kellermann
  • Julia Drack
  • Soap & Skin
  • Anja Ronacher
  • Katharina Wöppermann
  • Katharina Wöppermann
FreibeuterFilm Lotus Film


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