Turhan Bey


Bernard Vorhaus
USA 1948
78 min

A grieving widow falls victim to the machinations of a so-called spiritualist, who knows more than he should about her marriage and the death of her husband. He offers to bring peace by contacting the dead mans restless spirit, but she and her sister begin to suspect their medium of paranormal quackery or worse. An interesting pastiche of horror and noir, with the mystery and moral ambiguities nicely underscored by spooky shadows and supernatural shadings. Lynn Bari accepted the part of the grief-stricken woman after its original recipient, Carole Landis, took her own life.

  • Turhan Bey - Alexis
  • Lynn Bari - Christine Faber
  • Cathy O'Donnell - Janet Burke
  • Richard Carlson - Martin Abbott
  • Donald Curtis - Paul Faber
  • Virginia Gregg - Emily
  • Muriel Roy Bolton
  • Ian McLellan Hunter nach einer Erzählung von Crane Wilbur
  • John Alton
  • Frank McWhorter
  • Leon S. Becker
  • Norman Colbert
  • Alexander Laszlo
  • Frank Durlauf
  • Frances Ehren
Eagle-Lion Films

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Columbia TriStar Laxenburgerstraße 254 1239 Wien T 1 597 15 15 F 1 597 15 16
35 mm
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