Robert Nelson
USA 1974
7 min

Los Angeles as every city/any city/no city (for an outsider). A motel room as every room/any room/no room, an interior. The deadliness of still moments. Contemplation, detachment, self-loathing, self-examination. The motel room is a known space, a safe-haven, but a temporary one and a diseased one. What’s outside is abstracted by its anonymous unfamiliarity, meaningless and confusing. What’s inside is a little too… Moments of reflection or abandon bring some images to mind in stark clarity. Distraction, distortion of time and space, absent moments speckled with fleeting, half understood memories. The film somehow makes unsettling, funny, and moving drama out of all the bits of leftover meaningless forgotten moments that we never need to remember. «Special Warning is like a poem more than a narrative or story. It suggests states of isolation, barrenness, sexual guilt and sin, but even these punishing afflictions can have a humorous aspect when accompanied by horns.» (Robert Nelson, 2006)

This film is part of the program <filmlink id=\"3016\">Falling Apart</filmlink>.

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