Christian Blackwood
USA 1987
83 min

Blackwood's film focuses more on Brocka's life than on his films, and considering the nature of Brocka's career, this makes perfect sense. The film opens with shots of Manila while we hear Brocka on the phone speaking in English to someone in France. Then he explains to Blackwood that he's responding to a French survey about why he makes films, and he proceeds to read his reply - a lengthy statement that concludes \"Film for me recaptures the spontaneous, pure, no-nonsensical relationship I had with the world as a child. That is why later, when I learned what was happening to my countrymen, I decided I also wanted to be part of those who tell the truth - I wanted to cry and I wanted to disturb. ... Signed, Lino Brocka.\"
Signed: Lino Brocka assumes as well as demonstrates a direct continuity between Brocka's passion as a director and his passion as a human being, and while the results can't completely take the place of seeing a Brocka film, they provide an absorbing and comprehensive introduction. (Jonathan Rosenbaum, 1990)

  • Christian Blackwood
  • Christian Blackwood
  • John Murphy
  • Monika Abspacher
Christian Blackwood Productions
16 mm
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