Jonathan Glazer
GBR, ESP, USA 2000
89 min

Gal Dove, a retired safe-cracker, is living the good life on the southern Spanish Coast. One day his past appears in the form of former associate Don Logan, whose reputation as the most psychopathic gangster in the London underworld is a sign of very bad things to come. In the assured hands of director Jonathan Glazer and writers Louis Mellis and David Scinto, Sexy Beast is a Molotov cocktail of a movie, an engaging conflagration of British B-flick, cockney wit and gallows humor. There’s even a delicate little love story in there. It’s a gas and a half to spend time with these characters – and the performers who play them. Kingsley, such a magnificent actor, makes it his personal business to be the nastiest villain in recent memory. “I won't let you be happy – why should I?” he says to Gal. Don Logan’s declaration is the chilly utterance of a willful, psychotic child. And putting a stop to him is going to take everything Gal’s got. (Desson Howe)

  • Ray Winstone - Gary «Gal» Dove
  • Ben Kingsley - Don Logan
  • Ian McShane - Teddy Bass
  • Amanda Redman - Deedee Dove
  • James Fox - Harry
  • Louis Mellis
  • David Scinto
  • Ivan Bird
  • Jeremy Price
  • John Scott
  • Sam Sneade
  • Roque Baños
  • Jan Houllevigue
  • Louise Stjernsward
Recorded Picture Company Film4, Kanzaman
Park Circus
35 mm
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