In Sarmatien (OmeU)

Volker Koepp
DEU 2013
122 min

There are two contradictory definitions of Sarmatia: as a region at the edge of the known world – as the old Greeks saw it – or as the part of Europe hosting the continent’s once carefully mapped geographical center. Sarmatia cannot be found in any atlas. But neither is it a chimera: For his new film, German documentary filmmaker Volker Koepp travelled to the region and with a sweeping gesture invites us to participate in his impressions and encounters in this unfamiliar land between Lithuania and Belarus, between Ukraine and Poland, bounded by the North Sea to the north and the Black Sea to the south. (Ralph Eue)

In the presence of Volker Koepp.

The OmdU version will also be screened.

  • Volker Koepp
  • Thomas Plenert
  • Jens Pfuhler
  • Thomas Huber
  • Beatrice Babin
  • Rainer Böhm
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Vineta Film

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