Sangue del mio sangue

Blood of My Blood
Marco Bellocchio
I 2015
106 min

Federico, a young priest, is summoned by the 17th Century Inquisition to a convent prison in the town of Bobbio. His mission is to coerce Sister Benedetta to confess that she has seduced and driven to death her previous confessor, Federico’s brother. Benedetta must undergo three trials – water, fire and tears – to prove her innocence if she does not confess. Federico, too, falls under the spell of the hypnotic Benedetta... The present-day Bobbio prison is run-down and abandoned. Tax investigator Federico is helping a Russian millionaire buy the old ruin. But a secretive old man has been living there for years. He is only occasionally seen out at night, and is referred to as “The Count”.

  • Roberto Herlitzka - Conte
  • Pier Giorgio Bellocchio - Federico
  • Lidiya Liberman - Benedetta
  • Fausto Russo Alesi - Cacciapuoti
  • Alba Rohrwacher - Maria Perletti
  • Marco Bellocchio
  • Daniele Ciprì
  • Christophe Giovannoni
  • Francesca Calvelli
  • Claudio Misantoni
  • Carlo Crivelli
  • Daria Calvelli
Kavac Film, RSI Radiotelevisione svizzera, RAI Cinema, IBC Movie, Amka Films Productions, Barbary Films

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