San zimei

Three Sisters
Wang Bing
FRA, Hongkong 2012
153 min

Filmed in a remote mountain village in Yunnan, China — where roughly eighty families raise livestock and cultivate potatoes at an altitude of 3,200 metres — Wang’s beautifully realized film follows the lives of thre sisters, capturing their day-to-day existence with startling intimacy. With modest confidence and masterly control, Wang constructs his filmic chronicle on the rhythms of daily life and imbues his images with an almost painterly aesthetic, from the muted colours of the stunning mountain landscapes to the striking backlit compo-sitions within the family’s humble homestead. A triumph of obser-vational filmmaking, THREE SISTERS opens a window onto an unfamiliar world, and renders the quotidian strangely magical. (Giovanna Fulvi)

  • Huang Wenhai
  • Li Peifeng
  • Wang Bing
  • Fu Kang
  • Wang Bing
  • Adam Kerby
Album Productions, Chinese Shadows

Chinese Shadows

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