Pablo Agüero
Argentinien, FRA, DEU 2008
91 min

Inti is six years old in 1983, when his mother Alba comes to fetch him, after too-long an absence, and drags him off to a legendary valley in Patagonia. In the middle of this village, renegades from the world over live in the house of the deceased Dr. Schulz, among his insect collections and a whole hoard of animals. Around and about, in the shanty town, neglected children play at making fire, demolishing the school or, at night, at attacking the houses of newcomers. Between these two impossible worlds, Alba tries to raise Inti. Whatever the cost. Armed only with her dreams.
El Bolsón is a land of fugitives from all around the world. Butch Cassidy was here, the hippies came here in the Seventies, Nazis also. For me, this valley represents the apocalypse of beliefs, the meeting point of all kind of faith's crisis. Salamandra is about the experience of a little child who is plunged by his mother into this maelstrom, as both a victim and an apprentice. (Pablo Agüero)

  • Joaquin Aguila - Inti
  • Dolores Fonzi - Alba
  • Daniel Fanego - Chilene
  • John Cale - Dick Winter
  • Pablo Agüero
  • Hélène Louvart
  • Federico Billordo
  • Daniel Iribarren
  • Jean-Guy Véran
  • Jacques Comets
  • María Eva Duarte
JBA Production 52 rue Charlot 75003 Paris, Frankreich T 1 48 04 84 60

Films Distribution 34 rue du Louvre 75001 Paris, Frankreich T 53 10 33 99

35 mm
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