Rudolf Thome - Überall Blumen

Rudolf Thome - Flowers Everywhere
Serpil Turhan
DEU 2016
84 min

This is a seemingly bright and often funny film. Serpil Turhan was involved in Rudolf Thome's work as a lead actress in his “time travel-trilogy” including one of his masterpieces ROT UND BLAU. But in this film, Turhan focuses mostly on every day rituals. Between Thome’s pleasure in gardening, bird watching and bicycling – there are moments of losses: the coincidental birth of his youngest son and the death of the wonderful cinematographer Martin Schäfer, the abandoning of his 29th film, memories on the late Marquard Bohm, one of Thome’s favorite actors.
There is a barn where Thome collected several clapperboards from different films he made. The titles are still written on it. In another moment, Thome tells that he has still stored the costumes once designed for Hannelore Elsner who played in several of his films in the 2000’s. He is frustrated that no archive is interested in these costumes. In these moments, RUDOLF THOME – ÜBERALL BLUMEN has a bit of an elegy on a great filmmaker who is abandoned by film historians. (Rüdiger Tomczak)

In the presence of Serpil Turhan, Rudolf Thome and Mona Abaza-Stauth.


  • Serpil Turhan
  • Eva Hartmann
  • Serpil Turhan
  • Serpil Turhan
  • Eva Hartmann
  • Rudolf Thome
  • Joya Thome
  • Nicolai Thome
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