Retrospektive 2013

Rock-a-Bye Baby

Frank Tashlin
USA 1958
103 min

The actress Carla, Clayton’s (Lewis) love interest since his youth, leaves him her illegitimate triplets - and Clayton is quite carried away with the unexpected luck. The dedication with which he handles the babies is so endearing and inspiring, that we are deeply indignant with him when an ignorant court put the babies up for adoption. Here is Lewis' character once widely more than just the likable childish slob; he seems (reasonably) grown up.

  • Jerry Lewis
  • Hans Conried
  • Marilyn Maxwell
  • Reginald Gardiner
  • Salvatore Baccaloni
  • Frank Tashlin
  • Preston Sturges (basierend auf Sturges’ «The Miracle of Morgan’s Creek»)
  • Haskell Boggs
  • Charles Grenzbach
  • Gene Merritt
  • Alma Macrorie
  • Walter Scharf
  • Hal Pereira
  • Tambi Larsen
  • Edith Head
  • Jerry Lewis
Paramount Pictures, York Pictures Corporation
35 mm
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