Rite Of Spring

Mona Vatamanu, Florin Tudor
Rumänien 2010
8 min

The simple and poetic gesture of children burning mounds of white poplar fluff implies a promise – the promise of renewal. The small fires symbolically suggest associations with many things: They could be the fires in the French banlieues in recent years, the perpetually deported and repatriated Roma people through out europe, anti-war protesters against the invasions in Iraq and Afghanistan around the globe.

In the presence of Mona Vǎtǎmanu and Florin Tudor.
(on Oct 3oth/31st)

  • Mona Vǎtǎmanu und Florin Tudor
Mona Vǎtǎmanu, Florin Tudor

Mona Vǎtǎmanu, Florin Tudor

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