Retro: The Unquiet American


Isadore "Fritz" Freleng
USA 1946
7 min

Bugs Bunny, dripping with mannerisms associated with classical music and attempting to perform Liszt’s Second Hungarian Rhapsody at a concert, is interrupted or distracted by problems with his sheet music, coughs from the audience, a carrot break, and a mouse living inside the piano with both a taste ­for boogie-woogie and a determination to outclass the rabbit and featured performer. James Agee ­celebrated this 1946 animated short by Friz Freleng at some length, calling it “the funniest thing I have seen since the decline of sociological dancing”: “The best of it goes two ways: one, very observant parody of concert-pianistic affectations, elegantly thought out and synchronized; the other, brutality keyed into the spirit of the music to reach greater subtlety than I have ever seen brutality reach before.”

This film is screened together with <filmlink id=\"3112\">Artists and Models</filmlink>.

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