Retrospektive 2012

Rancho Notorious

Fritz Lang
USA 1951
89 min

RANCHO NORORIOUS centers on the rape and murder of its heroine, and the attempt by her fiancée to bring her attackers to justice. The film is deeply feminist, in taking with great seriousness the horrible crime of rape. The film opens with a powerful evocation of the tragedy of the crime, then chronicles the hero's relentless search for justice.

  • Marlene Dietrich - Stascha
  • Arthur Kennedy
  • Dan Seymour
  • Mel Ferrer
  • Gloria Henry
  • William Frawley
  • Lloyd Gough
  • Lisa Ferraday
  • John Raven
  • Jack Elam
  • George Reeves
  • Rodric Redwing
  • Frank Ferguson
  • Charles Gonzales
  • Francis MacDonald
  • John Kellogg
  • Stuart Randall
  • Roger Anderson
  • Daniel Taradash
  • nach der Kurzgeschichte «Gunsight Whitman» von Silvia Richards
  • Hal Mohr
  • Hugh McDowell Jr.
  • Mac Dalgleish
  • Otto Ludwig
  • Emil Newman
  • Lieder von Ken Darby
  • Robert Priestley
  • Joe King
  • Dan Loper
  • Howard Welsch
Fidelity Pictures, RKO
35 mm
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