Bettina Blümner
DEU 2007
90 min

Prinzessinnenbad is a documentary about three teenagers in Berlin. Klara, Mina and Tanutscha have known each other since kindergarten. They have been growing up in the neighbourhood of Kreuzberg, a multicultural district in Berlin. The three have a lot in common. They are fifteen, best friends, and spend their leisure time together. Hanging around in parks with friends, spending time in Kreuzberg's public swimming pool Prinzenbad, enjoying life in the big diverse city Berlin. It seems that they have left their childhood behind. But as close they may be, the documentary shows that their indivi-dual development will lead them in different directions. Prinzessinnenbad is about their longing for love and stability.

  • Bettina Blümner
  • Mathias Schöningh
  • Christian Lutz
  • Inge Schneider
  • Christian Illner
Reverse Angle Factory Monbijouplatz 2 10178 Berlin, Deutschland T 30 880 48 60

Reverse Angle Pictures Dienerreihe 2 20457 Hamburg, Deutschland T 40 808 182 83

Polyfilm Filmverleih Margaretenstraße 78 1050 Wien T 1 581 39 00 20
35 mm
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