Sara Jordenö
USA, Schweden 2004
22 min

Moscow, in the 1980s: At an outdoor pool, where communists once destroyed a cathedral, a lesbian cruising site emerges. In the Southern California Desret, residents live in a sonic war zone. An isolated researcher is cruising women from a safe distance, failing to see that this time someone is watching her. Mixing history with innuendo, fact with fiction, The Pool is a story about desire as it intersects with the rise and fall of political utopias.

  • Lisa Liang
  • Thea Wolfe
  • Lora Witty Andriana Gnap
  • Marie Chao
  • Jonathan Snipes
  • Sara Jordenö
Jordenö Film Prod., 2338 Loma Vista Place, Los Angeles, CA 90039, T 323 668 0733,

Jordenö Film Prod.

Video (Betacam SP)
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