Cinematography: Brazil Burning

Plano controle

Control Plan
Juliana Antunes
Brazil 2018
15 min

Via the ingenious idea that a mobile phone allows one to travel in time and space, Antunes manages both to deliver a few gags and delineate the gloomy Brazilian present which began to emerge after Dilma Roussef was ousted in 2016. Here, historical time is confused with TV memories, even the texture of the images serve as a supplement to the matter of memory itself, as suggested by the film formats chosen. The young female time traveler chooses the 1990s to rest a little from the nightmare of the late 2010s, a time that nobody would foresee someone like Lula Da Silva as a progressive president and even less, the enshrinement of a Fascist in power, like Mr. Bolsonaro. (Roger Koza)

  • Juliana Antunes
  • Alice Andrade Drummond
  • Vitor Brandão
  • Julio Cruz
  • Gabriel Martins
  • Luisa Lana
  • Dayse Barreto


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