Tribute Amos Vogel


Robert Bresson
FRA 1959
75 min

Bressons superb variation on the themes of «Crime and Punishment», narrated in his characteristically economical, minimalist style, sets the imprisoning force of guilt against the redemptive power of love. The scenes of theft show the directors skill in editing at its most perfect; the use of baroque music (Lully) is exactly judged; and Bresson navigates with complete assurance to a redeeming revelation of love. The films thematic concerns are examined with unmatched rigor, then resolved in a magnificent final image of liberation: an embrace through prison bars. (Alex Jacoby),4135,74835,00.html

  • Martin Lassalle - Michel
  • Pierre Leymarie - Jacques
  • Marika Green - Jeanne
  • Jean Pelegri - Polizeiinspektor
  • Pierre Etaix - Komplize
  • Robert Bresson
  • Léonce-Henry Burel
  • Antoine Archimbaud
  • Raymond Lamy
  • Jean-Baptiste Lully
  • Pierre Charbonnier
Compagnie Cinématographique de France
35 mm
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