Tribute Amos Vogel


Werner Herzog
BRD 1968
90 min

In 1942, the German soldier Stroszek is sent to Kos by his superiors to recover from an injury. He is to guard an old munitions depot, more or less as a pro forma function, for there is virtually no guerilla activity on the Greek island. He is accompanied by Meinhard, a stout warrior, and Becker, a former student of classical philology. Stroszek was nursed by Nora, a Greek woman whom he married with a special dispensation from the armys supreme command. Together, the couple live in a citadel in which the munitions depot is also located. Stroszek becomes more and more restless and irritable with time. Neither his wife nor his comrades can find out the reason for his mental change. There is apparently no obvious, rational reason for it.

  • Peter Brogle - Stroszek
  • Wolfgang Reichmann
  • Athina Zacharopoulos
  • Werner Herzog nach der Novelle «Der tolle Invalide auf dem Fort Ratonneau» von Achim von Arnim
  • Thomas Mauch
  • Herbert Prasch
  • Beate Mainka-Jellinghaus
  • Maximiliane Mainke
  • Stavros Xarchskos
Werner Herzog Filmproduktion

Werner Herzog Filmproduktion Türkenstraße 91 80799 München, Deutschland T 89 33 04 07 67 F 89 33 04 07 68

35 mm
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