Stanley Kubrick
USA 1957
87 min

Paths Of Glory is always hailed as a great anti-war film, and visually it does make a statement about the horrors of war, showing the broken and wounded in the trenches and the wholesale, senseless slaughter on the battlefield. But, even more than that, it is an anti-military film, and, by extension, an indictment of all hierarchical systems which sacrifice human beings for expediency. (Anthony Ambrogio)

  • Kirk Douglas - Colonel Dax
  • Ralph Meeker - Cpl. Paris
  • Adolphe Menjou - General Broulard
  • George Macready - General Mireau
  • Wayne Morris - Lt. Roget
  • Richard Anderson - Major Saint-Auban
  • Joseph Turkel - Private Arnaud
  • Timothy Carey - Private Ferol
  • Emile Meyer - Priester
  • Stanley Kubrick
  • Calder Willingham
  • Jim Thompson nach einer Erzählung von Humphrey Cobb (1935)
  • George Krause
  • Martin Muller
  • Eva Kroll
  • Gerald Fried
  • Ludwig Reiber
  • Ilse Dubois
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35 mm
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