Party Girl

Marie Amachoukeli, Claire Burger, Samuel Theis
FRA 2014
95 min

Angelique is a 60-year-old bar hostess. She still likes to party, she still likes men. At night, she makes them drink, in a cabaret by the French-German border. As time goes by, clients become rare. But Michel, her regular client, is still in love with her. One day, he asks Angelique to marry him.
The film is a portrait of Angélique. She is Samuel’s mother, and the film introduces her real family. All members play their own parts. And we have picked non-professional actors to play the other characters around them. The actors knew the story, but we didn’t give them lines to learn. They would just show up on set and we would explain the sequence to them right before shooting. We started from written scenes, from Angélique’s story, so that they could improvise and capture real-life moments on the fly. We gave them the context, the situation, the conflict they had to play. We would let them perform, then we would adjust it as we went along. (Marie Amachoukeli, Claire Burger, Samuel Theis)

  • Angélique Litzenburger - Angélique
  • Joseph Bour - Michel
  • Mario Theis - Mario
  • Samuel Theis - Samuel
  • Marie Amachoukeli
  • Claire Burger
  • Samuel Theis
  • Julien Poupard
  • Mélissa Petitjean
  • Mathieu Villien
  • Pierre Bariaud
  • Frédéric Baillehaiche
  • Nicolas Weil
  • Sylvain Ohrel
  • Alexandre Lier
  • Nicolas Migot
  • Laurence Forgue Lockhart
Elzévir Films

Pyramide International

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