Special: Rappaport, Robertson, Rousseau

Our Stars

Mark Rappaport
USA, FRA 2015
27 min

Anita Ekberg played the role of a movie star frequently before she became one herself. BECOMING ANITA EKBERG charts this transition, and its corollary: the move from breezy sex symbol to icy sex goddess. OUR STARS traces a sequence of classic romantic onscreen pairings that were initiated in the 40’s and 50’s and then reprised in the following decades. The ill-fated reunions were doomed from the outset: movie romances hold their charge only when embalmed in time. By offering viewers a chance to see what comes later, these couples have unintentionally produced documentaries of time’s cruelty. THE CIRCLE CLOSES is an elegant meditation on the non-human objects at the center of four classic films. “Silent, uncomplaining witnesses to other people’s lives”, these atypical movie stars are surrogates not for the viewer, but the camera itself. (Colin Beckett)

In the presence of Mark Rappaport.

Mark Rappaport

Mark Rappaport

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