Pedro Costa


Pedro Costa
P, FRA, DK 1997
94 min

Estrela dAfrica, a Creole shanty town on the outskirts of Lisbon. A baby, just a few days old, is about to survive several deaths. Tina, his young mother, takes him in her arms and turns on the gas on. Rescued by his father he sleeps in the streets, is fed by charity milk. He is almost sold twice, out of despair, out of love, for nothing at all.
Ossos is Pedro Costas third film. Costa spent time in Fontainhas, a suburban Lisbon slum that is home to numerous immigrants from Cap Verde and Mozambique. The presence of people living in extreme poverty and the narrow alleyways they constantly lean against are treated with intensity. Compared to Costas previous two works, cinematic memories of specific films have practically vanished. While Ossos received acclaim for its sublime realism, Costa was dissatisfied with the filming and the finished work and returned to Fontainhas for a two-year period with a DV camera and a DAT recorder to shoot No quarto da Vanda. In Ossos the camera still moves, whereas in No quarto da Vanda it is completely stationary. The relationship between these two works deserves our attention. (Daisuke Akasaka)

  • Vanda Duarte - Clotilde
  • Nuno Vaz - Vater
  • Maria Lipkina - Tina
  • Isabel Ruth - Eduarda
  • Inês Medeiros - Mädchen
  • Miguel Sermão - Clotildes Ehemann
  • Pedro Costa
  • Emmanuel Machuel
  • Henri Maikoff
  • Pedro Melo
  • Jackie Bastide
  • Paulo Barbosa
  • Wire
  • Subura
  • Zé Branco
  • Margarida Nunes
  • Isabel Favila
  • Pedro Madeira
Madragoa Filmes

Gemini Films 34 bvd. Sébastopol 74004 Paris, Frankreich T 1 44 54 17 17,

35 mm
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